【company news】Materials company held mid - and mid term promotion meeting to implement the spirit of the group's half year work conference

Column:Company news Time:2017-08-07

【company news】

Materials company held mid - and mid term promotion meeting to implement the spirit of the group's half year work conference


After the half year working conference of the group was held, the material company made use of two half day time in July 28th afternoon and July 31st morning to organize all middle-level cadres to convey and carry out the spirit of the half year work conference of the metallurgical group. Will we learn together, the group party secretary and chairman of Comrade Liu Yuquan, deputy party secretary of the general manager, comrade Hu Lingbing speech at the Metallurgical Group half of the work meeting, the municipal Party committee, Party committee of group communication as a failure to assume the special governance problems will promote the spirit of the middle. Each department minister with implement the group work conference and the staff at the beginning of the first half of the club set goals, on the work of various departments conducted in-depth discussions, analysis of the current problems, and puts forward some ideas and measures for the first half of the work of departments under the leadership of all departments in charge of the first half of the achievements affirmed. Objective analysis on the existing problems, combined with the company's annual task index and put forward the work of the second half goal losses.

Yu Qinglian, general manager of the company, has put forward two points: increasing market development, improving production, sales volume, improving quality and reducing consumption, reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

Finally, the company party secretary, chairman Wang academic pointed out that the convening of the meeting, the company under the unity of thinking, clear objectives, clear the direction of the next step, make the second half of the work, the completion of the annual task index has strong guidance. And put forward the implementation of the medium-term promotion conference spirit to do three combinations. One is to study and implement the spirit of the eleven Party Congress in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, combine to strengthen four kinds of consciousness, safeguard the core, devotion, for play; two is to "two a" learning education normalization institutionalized and not as not only when combined with special treatment, requiring Party cadres to perform their duties responsibly in their respective post, take the lead role play the exemplary role of Party members and cadres, conscientiously carry out special treatment is not as not to take action, to cadres and departments of those poor, poor performance of their duties, style complete the tasks without the responsibility and accountability; three is to implement the goals with the Congress again, through the summary of the first half, identify problems, formulate feasible measures, itemized break down into people, and have quantified the progress of ANN Row, continue to adhere to the system, strict management, continuous improvement, management ideas improved steadily ", and improving the quality, cost reduction, increase production, revenue was the focus of the work to achieve control losses, gradually reduced losses, deficits in the final goal of work, accomplish various tasks throughout the year.

At the same time, the company will also further implement the meeting as a powerful starting point on the company "not as not to take the work program" special governance issues, combined with the performance and evaluation of special treatment to promote the middle, work really really really strict tube play, good atmosphere stable environment for the party's nineteen big victory held to create a harmonious and positive.