Physics and Chemistry Center

Physics and Chemistry Center

Physical and chemical center is a comprehensive laboratory for the detection, analysis and research of various metal materials. Responsible for the performance testing of the whole company, but also undertake the chemical analysis, mechanical and physical properties testing of metal materials. 1980 was approved by the Tianjin quality supervision and inspection station fifteenth station, was approved in 1988 for the inspection of import and export commodities laboratory in Tianjin City, 1994 was approved by the quality supervision and inspection station of metallurgical products, inspection report issued by the law. In 2010, the National Accreditation Committee of China approved the assessment, and got the CNAS laboratory accreditation certificate.

The center has 45 sets of main instruments and equipment, including 9 international advanced testing instruments, with mechanical, metallographic, spectroscopic, atomic absorption, gas, chemical analysis and other professional testing

Group. There are 30 inspection personnel, including 20 senior technical titles, engaged in analysis and inspection work for decades, with a high level of professional skills and rich experience, and a degree of Education

Reserve force of graduate students with high knowledge. The laboratory management level, inspection ability can continue to improve and improve continuously, in recent years, many times to participate in international laboratory proficiency testing, have achieved good results.