The company launched the "youth day day for me to build a platform for material I day material Tim glory" theme activities and the "54" Youth Forum

Column:CP and Communist Youth League activities Time:2017-05-18

The company launched the "youth day day for me to build a platform for material I day material Tim glory" theme activities and the "54" Youth Forum

Youth Day material on the afternoon of May 4th, members of the Communist Youth League organization to carry out "Tiancai build me a platform, I day Tim glory" theme activities and the "54" youth forum. Wang Xueshu, general secretary of the Party branch of the company attended the meeting and delivered a speech. This is not only the material company celebrated Jiantuan 95th anniversary to commemorate the Communist Youth League "is an important activity in the 98th anniversary 54" movement, and the Youth League in 2017 that "days" brand activities, material for me to build a platform, I add luster day "theme of education," teacher "," creative skills contest high yield "labor contest, peace day series of activities of the material" is an important content.


The forum hosted by the Youth League secretary Comrade Lv Huiru, six outstanding young representatives from the company production line and management positions, Wang Xiaorui, Yang Shi Rui, Li Mingshuo, Hu Siqi and the real Chen Junzhe made a speech. They are how to learn to make money to save money ";" how to do a good job in every detail "; how to strengthen self construction, better play as; combining with the current situation, for enterprise restructuring and development of four aspects of proposed good advice and suggestions about their views and opinions. They speak not only effectively promote the company day the majority of young workers interdynamic, stimulate the vitality and vigor, develop wisdom and ability, but also enhance the development of the company with the common fate of the majority of young workers of their own development and the company's sense of responsibility and mission, and laid a solid foundation for the completion of the year the work of the task.

At the meeting, comrade Wang Xueshu, general secretary of the Party branch of Tian timber company, made a speech. First of all, three suggestions are put forward for the growth of young workers, one is good habits, good fortune, two is more reading, true efforts, the three is to dare to endure hardship, willing to endure hardship. Subsequently, the company in the development process in the face of funding, equipment and personnel and other bottlenecks to solve the problem put forward requirements. Especially in the young talent discovery, training and use requirements of company organization departments and organizations to create an environment for the healthy development of youth, set the stage, the formation of internal talent, bold use of young talent, let them show, show their talent competition, the implementation of fault-tolerant mechanism, at the same time to increase the intensity of Tuiyou party members. Finally, the Youth League members should be encouraged to enjoy and enjoy the teaching activities, which is conducive to enhancing the cohesion and centripetal force of the team.


Youth League members agreed that the Secretary Wang's speech sincere words and earnest wishes, has an important guiding significance for their own growth, encourage young employees better play to their talent, youth and love through the youth forum to speak, listen to the voice of young people, I make young workers can further understand the situation, strengthen confidence, overcome difficulties, responsibility and master, increase efficiency, promote the development of the factory of the heart, love to love to specific actions to implement the actual work to better achieve common development, and the company is promoting, based on their own, forging ahead, dedication, for a party of nineteen and the Eleventh Party Congress with good appearance and as positive.