【Company news】Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Working Committee led the main leadership of the company's research and guidance work

Column:Company news Time:2017-04-24

【Company news】

Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Working Committee led the main leadership of the company's research and guidance work


In March 23rd, You Tiancheng, Secretary of the working committee of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, led the company to visit the company. Tiancai company is one of the "double object especially suited Service Secretary million pairs of clothing", especially for a secretary listened to reports on the situation of enterprise development, to understand the difficulties and problems in the development of the enterprise, on the day material company is currently facing the reform of state-owned enterprises of mixed ownership, especially Secretary pointed out that the company should seize the new day round of SOE reform opportunities, to change the mix as a means of optimizing the capital structure of the enterprises, set up to adapt to the long-term development of enterprises of the new system and mechanism, so as to stimulate the vitality and competitiveness of enterprises, become the subject of modern market competition, enhance the management level.

At the same time, you secretary will further serve the enterprise and request the accompanying comrades. First, we should actively serve the enterprise, and further improve the accuracy and targeted assistance, combined with the problems encountered by enterprises to help policy, and help enterprises expand the channels of development. The two is to build as soon as possible the production and demand docking platform to realize the communication in the platform for the expansion of exchanges and sharing of resources. The three is to build industry leading projects in some basic industries especially in the field of industry segments, identify the development direction of technology, promote cohesion and complementary enterprises in our region and the international advanced level, for 1-2 years to build a number of national leading enterprise. Four is aimed at specific problems raised by enterprises, instructed the relevant departments to do a good job docking.